Best 17 Free Bootstrap WordPress Themes

Don’t the photographs you’ve invested so much loving effort into deserve to be properly showcased on your website? There are many WordPress themes available that can do the job; the hard part is choosing just the right one. To help you narrow down your choices, we’ve rounded up the 17 best Bootstrap WordPress themes.


Awesome responsive layout, Coni helps your site look great on whatever device or screen size visitors are using. It’s also multilingual and translation ready – perfect for international visitors.

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This content-focused ghost theme is ideal for users looking for a way to share their thoughts and ideas along with a photo or two; it’s also a good choice for news sharing sites.

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Tography Lite

Tography Lite allows you the opportunity to create an unlimited number of portfolio items. It also offers wonderful animations and a translation/multilingual ready theme.

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Another content-focused theme, Vito offers CSS animations and a responsive design that will look great on any device.

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Parallax One

Create a stunning landing page with the one page parallax effect. This theme also offers a smooth scrolling experience that visitors will love.

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This fluid, responsive, grid style theme expands to fill the available space on whatever size screen the viewer is using at the time. Fullby supports video by making it easy to copy and paste a YouTube address.

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The clean, minimalist look of Activello, coupled with its pixel-rich graphics, make it ideal for food, travel, or other blogs that prioritize photographs. The colors are vibrant and the slide transitions are simply amazing.

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Zerif Lite

If you’re looking for a theme that’s ranked in the top-ten on, you might want to consider Zerif Lite. This clean, flat, business-oriented theme packs in lots of features like parallax support, WooCommerce compatibility, and an SEO-friendly design.

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Choose a cute theme from the options panel, use the drag and drop feature to build your homepage, and enjoy your photos displayed in a simple, yet appealing, way.

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This fully responsive theme offers striking visuals with its full-width images and colored sections; whether viewed on a desktop, tablet, or phone, the layouts change accordingly. There are also hundreds of icons to choose from to enhance a visitor’s viewing experience.

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Fashion Agency Theme

This photo rich theme is fully customizable and comes complete with free life-time usage of 7 -15 stock images. It’s also multilingual ready for your international visitors.

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TA Music

Are you a singer or part of a band and want to share your music with the Web? Well, now you can with this powerful, grid-based theme. It’s an outstanding event manager that can keep your fans up-to-date with all the latest information about what’s going on with your music – including where and when they can catch your next performance. It even allows them to purchase tickets and merchandise directly from the site.

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Briar’s modern, minimalist layout offers excellent readability and lots of options to help you design a blog that will showcase your images in a bold, clean way.

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Awaken has the elegant, stylish look of a high-end magazine. With its modern look and great customization options, now your blog can emulate those same magazines.

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On Duena, photographs seem to ‘float’ above the background of softly blurred hexahedrons. This theme offers simplicity of use, extreme flexibility, and plenty of options for customizing it to suit your site’s unique needs.

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The elegant, modern design of Cannyon allows you to easily combine a variety of components into the perfect framework for your photographs. It also has a nicely responsive layout that is easy for users to master.

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This wedding theme would also work well for any other site that needs an image-centric design. The horizontal slider lets visitors enjoy the photos just as they would if flipping through an offline wedding photo book.

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Well, there you have it: 17 of the best Bootstrap WordPress themes. For the latest tips and tricks for getting the most out of your WordPress experience, follow us on Twitter or visit our website.

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