How to Add Star Ratings to Your WordPress Website with Schema?

Have you ever wondered how website owners inject star rating to the search results?

Well, they use some special types of meta tags called Schema from Along with the star rating, you can display custom images, addresses, phone numbers, etc. using the same.

But most of us don’t like to play with the codes of theme files. In such a scenario, WP plugins come to our rescue to serve the purpose.

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Best Social Sharing Plugins for WordPress in 2016

Sharing things on social networking websites is really common these days and people are using all kinds of social networks now. This has become a great advantage for the WordPress bloggers and anyone who is running a website as their content is being shared all over the internet through these social networks. In fact, they have become one of the best sources of generating traffic to a blog or website.

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How to Effectively Manage WordPress Post Revisions

What do you do on finding the removal of last passage was a mistake? Will you type it again? I hope you won’t if you are a WordPress blogger.

WordPress has integrated a useful feature called post revisions since version 2.6 and it allows you to browse through the autosaved versions of your posts so that accidental deletion won’t affect you badly.

Here, I will show how to manage post revisions on WordPress effectively.

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