Top 15+ Free Photography WordPress Themes

As a photographer you put significant time into taking and developing your photos. So when the time comes to showcase your work, you’ll want to make sure that your personal website is displaying your photography in its best light. If you’ve been looking for the right WordPress theme to meet your needs, read on to find out more about the top 15+ best free photography WordPress themes:

Tography Lite

Tography Lite will grab users’ attention right away with its no-frills emphasis on just the images. The theme’s overall feel is elegant and uncluttered, making it a great choice for photographers who want viewers to immediately engage with the photography without being overly distracted by text.

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FotoGraphy is a fully-fledged free theme with a beautiful responsive design. Shows a fullscreen welcome image along with several other features like galleries, services, social profiles, newsletter and more.

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A highly rated, easy-to-navigate theme, Aperture allows photographers to feature a single image as a full screen static front page. Paired with minimalist text, this creates a visually striking layout that’s sure to capture viewers’ attention. A menu feature allows visitors to navigate to other areas of the site.

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Another minimal-text layout, Fukasawa is instinctively simple for visitors to navigate. With the images and text featured in separate areas of the site, it’s easy for viewers to focus on the image gallery without being distracted by text.

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Gallery Theme

The Gallery Theme’s layout features an attractive, organized aesthetic. With the possibility to link to different site pages via the featured landing page images, the Gallery Theme is excellent for showcasing a variety of projects or photo galleries.

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Photo Perfect

Photo Perfect is an engaging, professional-looking theme that can be easily customized to match your personal brand. More visually dense than the more minimalist themes such as Topography Lite and Fukasawa, Photo Perfect is a great theme for making a statement with your photography.

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The Boardwalk theme is another visually appealing WordPress theme that features multiple images on the landing page. What makes Boardwalk unique is its horizontal scrolling feature, which allows visitors to scroll through a gallery of photos without leaving the top of the page.

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Combining full-screen images with vertical scrolling and unobtrusive navigation, the Radcliffe theme allows you to put multiple images in the spotlight. Radcliffe makes a great option for featuring multiple striking images, one at a time.

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A dynamic theme featuring full-screen images paired with both vertical and horizontal scrolling, Touchfolio is sure to provide visitors with a highly interactive viewing experience.

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Gridsby is another attractive, minimalist theme with a landing page that features multiple images with little text. The vertical scrolling feature allows for navigation features to be placed at the bottom of the page, where they’re easily accessible without distracting from the images.

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Phogra is an excellent choice for building a portfolio that features full-page images in the absence of text, allowing viewers to become immediately immersed in the gallery.

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Reminiscent of a collage, Oren provides a visually interesting layout with an emphasis on showcasing images. Easy to navigate and engaging for viewers, Oren makes it easy to create an attractive portfolio.

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Offering another visually interesting layout, Olevia’s landing page is packed with images for an immediately powerful visual effect. With a simple navigation bar and a minimalist aesthetic, Olevia is an overall attractive theme.

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GK Portfolio

The GK Portfolio theme was designed to blend images and information in a simple, unobtrusive format. Featuring images that can reveal text during mouse hovers, the GK Portfolio is an elegant theme for a photography site.

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A flexible site blending a simple navigation bar with a visually rich front page, Divina puts images front and center. Divina is a wonderful multipurpose option, whether you’re simply posting a gallery or want to create a full blog.

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Fullscreen is an interactive theme that highlights images during mouse hovers, creating an engaging experience. This unique format allows viewers to see a variety of images at once while focusing on one image at a time.

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